A people person with the enthusiasm for Youth and Community engagement, Joyce Osayande is qualified in Health and Social Care Management. The Founder of Joyce O Community Outreach CIC, a non-profit Organisation that supports the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the socially and economically deprived in the Community. The Organisation maximises strategies to enhance the wellbeing of those in the Community and building successful relationships. The Grocery Duty Manager, Area Co-ordinator of Grocery Distribution, Food Standards Agency (FSA) are stakeholders and volunteers to develop and aspire to become Independent and knowledgeable citizens.
With a background in Health and Social Care Management, Joyce Osayande has spearheaded various Community Projects such as Health Awareness Programmes, Sexual Health Matters, overcoming Teenage Pregnancy challenges, Drug Awareness and Anti-Social Behaviour issues. More recently, ever since May 2021 she has led Health and Wellbeing Awareness with themes on Motivating Young People, Nutrition, Health issues, Education and Training Recovery in the current climate. Also, she has facilitated Skills Empowerment Workshops targeted at young people to exemplify their skills thereby creating a platform to further enhance their creativity.
An award winner of the Disabled International Foundation UK in March 2017 for her outstanding dedication to Community work and Nation building. In July 2018, she was awarded outstanding Exclusive Personality Royalty Award (EPRA) Inspiring Youth Leader of the Year. Another Community Project is the Grocery Distribution Outreach to the Community which commenced on 31st July 2021, this has been acclaimed a great success. New initiatives are cleverly implemented by Joyce O Community team and Consulting Content Strategist.
Joyce Osayande a youth and community enthusiast, has developed a true vision strategy, with targets, focused on long term growth which as an evolving Organisation she executes excellently, as she looks forward to serving the Community and initiating more worthy projects for today’s recovery economy.


With outstanding creative abilities borne out of Joyce Osayande’s passion, brings about her selfless service to the community. Hence, her voluntary and charitable work to community development and youth empowerment earned her several awards and recognitions, she is an acclaimed Inspirational youth leader.

* Joyce Osayande was presented with a recognition Award on 30th October 2021 by The African Business Women Association at the Black History Expo event. This is an Organisation that supports women of African origin who have attained a remarkable level in the community. Joyce Osayande, the founder of Joyce O. Community Outreach was presented with this award for her role in supporting food poverty crisis and enhancing Community Learning wellbeing Awareness, making a positive impact in people’s lives and bringing a lot of value in the community.

* In 2020 she was Honoured and shortlisted to be Patroness for Miss Ebony Ambassador contest. This selection was based on her outstanding contribution to community service. She was appointed as Patroness for the organisation.

*In 2019 she was recognised for Inspiring and empowering women. And awarded a recognition certificate for outstanding support and contribution to women empowerment, by African Business women Association

* July 2018 She received outstanding EXCLUSIVE PERSONALITY ROYALTY AWARDS ( EPRA). She was awarded Inspiring Youths Leader of the Year.
This recognition was based on her outstanding contribution to Youth engagement and community service.

* June 2018 she was Awarded 2rd Best Fashion Designer by African Fashion Roots Oxford. This award was presented by councillor Colin Cook Meyor of Oxford

* March 2017 she was awarded a recognition certificate for outstanding contribution, dedication and excellence performance in community work and nation building. By Disabled International Foundation UK.

* Recognition certificate of Appreciation from Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador beauty and creativity contest,
for outstanding support and contribution to Youth empowerment. (2016)

* She was also awarded Best UK Afro fashion designer 2016. Head 2 Head award

* She was awarded Youth Ambassador in 2016 by Head 2 Head award

Joyce Osayande has featured on different Television programmes, radio show, magazine and other media platforms such as TV Presenter, Inspirational Hour on SRTV Entertainment, Calabash Magazine as a correspondent and their Public Relation Officer. Exclusive interview at The African Show Blast 1386 Radio.com, Supreme Classic Magazine, Fancy TV, Interview at BEN TV with Miss E-B-O-N-Y Ambassador, Audition Judge at Miss Ebony Ambassador 2017 grand finale, A member of Global Christian Ministry Forum UK/ EU.

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