Joyce O. Community Outreach has been awarded funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, to run a community health and wellbeing project in the Basildon area. This project is due to commence in March 2023. Joyce O. community team are looking forward to delivering this project to make a purposeful impact in the community.

The Significance of Our Health and Wellbeing Project:
The effect of the worldwide COVID -19 pandemic has led to the steady decline of our health and wellbeing post pandemic. Therefore, Joyce O Community Outreach enrichment programmes and workshops will inform and educate the community with realistic strategies to stem this decline. People in the community live in isolation, are anxious with an Increase in social and academic challenges faced by youths. Engaging our youth and families with enrichment and skills to create enterprise and job opportunities in the Basildon community Is another objective of our outreach services. This project is a clear road map for progression and will bring a sense of belonging and generational success for the Basildon community and the society at large.

For more information on how you can get involved, Our contact details:

Tel: 07477533672

Founder -Joyce Osayande
Joyce O. Community Outreach


This is to highlight the need to empower young people in our communities. And to give young people the opportunity they deserve.
In today’s world of uncertainty, we all know how the feeling of fear, worry, anxiety, lack of confidence or not feeling good enough, can hold people back and stop them from reaching their true potential. Therefore, as a Youth Ambassador I don’t want that to happen to young people in our communities. I’m passionate about helping young people to overcome their fears, worries and anxiety, especially those in the most challenging circumstances.


Joyce O. Community Outreach feed the Homeless in The Basildon area. The outreach took place Saturday 5th of December 2020. Supported by Relief Africa and The Levites.


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